Handle and operate your datacenter effortlessly with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.5

Handle and operate your datacenter effortlessly with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.5

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is a dependable, cost-efficient, easy-to-use, scalable software defined universal storage solution.

In case you’re among the service providers as well as groups seeking improved performance, manageability and accessibility of the data center of yours, then the great news is the fact that Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is available today in its newest edition 3.5.

A review of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI) Acronis Cyber Infrastructure has an excellent grounds for creating a datacenter as all of the characteristics and functionalities are supplied by a program, and so rather than being linked with a certain hardware, businesses are able to work with industry specific hardware and cut costs at the same time.

Also, ACI is scalable so you are able to start very small and expand the infrastructure of yours as required, overtime by paying just the information you really wear.

ACI’s usability coupled with very low price and scalability causes it to be the most perfect option for edge information centers. Additionally, it performs really good for primary data centers as there is absolutely no hard limit to just how much ACI is able to scale.

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If perhaps you’re a managed service provider (MSP), it is a great option for you like ACI, you can:

Offer hosting in the own data center of yours.
Install as well as manage customer infrastructure on premise.
Provide hybrid cloud solutions to the clients of yours.
To understand much more about Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, watch this video:

Benefits of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure for the company of yours It’s applied to store as well as handle approximately 200 PB of information backed up from over 500,000 servers, PCs and mobile devices which depend on Acronis Cyber Protection products.

Cost efficient: The solution works on any business type and also uses industry standard hardware. Acronis offers flexible licensing, such as subscription licenses and also pay-as-you-go.
Easy: With ACI, make sure your planet is running efficiently comfortably to work with pre configured dashboards and management programs with in built cluster monitoring plus troubleshooting solution.
Safe: If you make use of Acronis CloudRAID technology and AES 256 encryption, you not lose the information of yours due to malicious external hardware or maybe attacks failures. Your data remains authentic together with the blockchain technology that is in built in Acronis Notary.
Universal: With ACI, covering all the scenarios and employ cases with one answer which includes community, compute and storage space in 1, scalable product.
Quick: Get wonderful hardware performance with SSD caching support, multi threaded I/O handling, instant drive load balancing and parallel reception. With the company development of yours, dimensions to tens of petabytes.
What is new and enhanced in ACI 3.5?
Greater Performance
Try getting as much as three times quicker random writes and as much as twenty five % faster random reads on hybrid plus all flash nodes (compared to version 3.0)
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Greater Manageability
Granular VM placement primarily based on performance features of the nodes Migrate virtual machines from VMware vSphere 5.0 or even later to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure
iSCSI targets on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure are declared “VMware Ready” and backed by VMware Certified for 3.0 – certification testing is in progress for 3.5
New easy-to-use preconfigured dashboard for block storage
Archive data more quickly with API additional support for object locking
Greater Availability
Workload migration enables maintenance of physical nodes while always keeping workloads up and running
Added Non Disruptive Rolling Updates and Upgrades without any downtime to nearly all workloads Recover more quickly from disk failures with automated role project just for the latest replacement disks.
AI-powered Backup Solution
Unmatched Backup Features from Future

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Just how can I get Acronis Cyber Infrastructure?
ACI can be bought as just software license, or even in case you want much more turn key deployment, acquire it preconfigured on Acronis hardware appliance.

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Vs Storage Appliance
Deployment Runs on hardware of the option of customer. Software is pre installed and is simple to deploy.
Cold Storage Store backups from Acronis solutions, backups from various other backup providers, application information, shared documents, geo replicate, and also publish information to the public clouds. Same as software license, in extremely redundant, uniquely engineered machine which gives 5 servers in one third of the typical rack space.
Hot Storage Expose shares to be utilized by virtualization products from VMware, Hyper V and also others. Not supported on the equipment.
Compute Set up and function development, evaluation & production environments. Set up and run development environments.
Below would be the differences between software license and storage appliance:

You are able to have a completely free trial of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure by clicking here. With it, you get:

As much as one TB of total storage – large enough to enable testing of nearly all workloads.
Absolutely no cap on virtualization.
Full performance as well as licensed forever trial.
Why end up getting Acronis Cyber Infrastructure from ZNetLive?
With ZNetLive, you get:

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure in probably the most cost-effective way.
Additionally you get assistance in time that is real from Acronis licensed support personnel of ZNetLive.