Just how One Company Finds Recruiting Success with the Grace Hopper Program

Just how One Company Finds Recruiting Success with the Grace Hopper Program

Darshan Somashekar is the co founder of Solitaired. He’s an entrepreneurial background (having also co founded and Imagine Solutions that are Easy, LLC) along with serving several roles at Chegg Inc. He’s now a guest content creator for Fullstack Academy.

When recruiting for designers, emphasizing diversity is able to not just improve the amount of candidates at the upper part of the funnel, though it could also positively influence the long term trajectory of a company.

It is exactly why with my brand new gaming initiative, Solitaired, we’re getting a diverse engineering set from the get go.

Before Solitaired, I spent the period of mine since the VP of Product for Chegg’s Writing Tools group after Chegg acquired the company of mine, Imagine Solutions that are Easy.

During the time of mine there, our engineering group started working together with the Grace Hopper Program together with its recruiting efforts, and also I managed to find out firsthand the advantage it’d on our candidate pipeline plus the following team growth.

The Grace Hopper Program is a program engineering training course for women+ identifying applicants, if exactly the same high quality education located at Fullstack Academy while positively contributing to boosting the gender diversity in technology.

Grace Hopper pupils pair programming
Grace Hopper Consistently Provides Quality Candidates.   Rafeeg

First, we discovered that the Grace Hopper Program offered top-quality candidates.

They had been as ready as conventional entry level CS graduates and also received a greater level of front-end expertise than we noticed from some other bootcamps.

The interview process of ours was rigorous: It provided a preliminary telephone screening by the hiring manager (to help assess mutual fit) followed by a tech screening, a take home project, after which an onsite interview. And then, we made the hiring choice.

Applicants on the Grace Hopper Program shone through at several levels during these interview steps, if it is communicative in the presentations of theirs and comprehensive in the assignments of theirs. More to the point, they did not disappoint on the task. They were strong developers that were wanting to understand and positively put into the lifestyle of the engineering team of ours.

For example, immediately after signing up for, only one of our Grace Hopper Program graduates found herself in a fire drill and quickly jumped in and really helped handle a selection of insects in a single of the methods of ours.

Grace Hopper pupils whiteboarding coding challenges
Strong Connections Create New Networking Opportunities
During the time of mine at Chegg, we could employ 2 Grace Hopper Program graduates, and the staff carried on to get quarterly calls together with the Grace Hopper Program to talk about recruitment needs.

Additionally, we realized that Grace Hopper Program students have strong connections with the former classmates of theirs along with other alums of the group and often take part in presentations and speaking engagements. Their solid connections likewise made it possible for us to distribute our job postings even more within the Grace Hopper Program network.

While I have since moved on from Chegg, I understand the engineering staff will continue to discover the Grace Hopper Program an useful channel in its recruitment process. I am currently developing the brand new website of mine and then realize that the Grace Hopper Program will be a part of our recruitment future.